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Greetings All:

Help Us To STOP the TRICKERY, CONFUSION, and MANIPULATION that “WHITE FEMALE PRIVILEGE” is orchestrating with slick maneuvers, mentalities, and operatives enacted and perpetuated under the guise of the all the hoopla over the displeasure for Trump.

Now another trumped up card is being played (particularly on Black women)

Remember: All SISTERHOOD is not really about or for the best interest of Black/African women or Our People.


How does someone try to use an already existing group/organization’s  name, legacy, and hard work and then think we should all just come together cause its a good cause and  “who said so”?

This “Women’s March on Washington”was started by a white women (who inspired other white women and then pushed by Michael Moore) who attempted to use the our name Million Woman(Women) March;creating an illusion and an intentional temporary distraction from the Oct. 25, 2016 announcement (Press Conference) that provided plans for the long awaited historic Million Woman March Reunion that will take place in October 2017.  Upon finding out about the Jan 21, attempted derailment and sabotage, we began to publicly expose the (female white privilege) craftiness and told them we were going to sue them, so now they changed the name but the confusion is still out there with some of our People thinking the original MWM has something to do with this “left wing” white supremacy tactic which within it is, once again, designed to pull in OUR SISTERS into someone else’s program, immediate political plans, and overall (protracted) Agenda (which has little to nothing to do with Black women and certainly not Black People).


Tune in to this week’s segment of “NU Day Resurrection and Liberation”
Sat. November 19, 2016 at 10:30 PM EST at
This week’s Topics Overview:

The Original MWM: We have our own plans of ACTION for addressing the new presidency and all types of familiar and unfamiliar racist/white supremacy and white privilege covert and overt practices, ideals, etc.
So, now we shall see who will Stand Up For Something (the right thing) or FALL for nothing (fakers and wanna be’s)TOPIC #1:”Cultural Bandits and others”: Who Will Stand Up To Protect Our History, Traditions, and Legacies.
First fake people (with the white supremacist system)  tried to create a front/facade group of females who were involved with the original MWM but who came in after a year from the time it was started and tried to make it seem they were involved in something other than what was  (and some only a few months before the 1997 event), then a bunch of multi-culturalist tried a Million Mom March thing (twice), then another group tried a so called Million Woman March Endometriosis thing and even a female in Cleveland tried to misdirect people using our name.  None of these people had any direct connection to or officiation from the original/national Million Woman March history and synergy from what is has done and is building; but they did not care about that, they just wanted to use the name; knowing it had a certain synergy. These groups were/are copy cats, exploiters, and major opportunist at best.  It is time they they are ALL EXPOSED and it’s our intention to do so in every way possible.TOPIC #2 “The Real State of Black Folks In The US”: Is “UNITY” Really A Priority for various groups/organizations and so called Leaders? Are There Too Many non-Progressive, Symbolic Gatekeepers,  and/or Blockers that actually impede Real Progress and Holistic Development for Black/African people in the US. Are out of tune, out of date Mentalities and Modalities a major part in stagnating real Black/African advancements.

“NU Day” General program overview:
The”NU Day”radio program is one of the original National MWM broadcast that has been aired weekly for the last eight (8) years.   It provides a venue for candid dialog, the provision, exchange, and implementation of valuable information about and for African People worldwide
(Obviously, we did not start our work and Movement a few weeks ago, so its not rocket science nor is it difficult to call a spade a spade)