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  • Gaama Gloria "MaMa G" Simms
    2:45 pm - August 27, 2017. Reply

    want to definately be a part of this endeavor…it is said ” A nation is as it”s women”

    • millionwomanmarch
      5:49 am - August 29, 2017. Reply

      Greetings, we will send you information via email on how you can become a volunteer.

  • Suzette Vidale
    4:32 am - September 2, 2017. Reply

    Im Suzette Vidale from Toronto, Canada and Im a Pan African educator and my spouse is the ambassador of the UNIA-ACL chapter here. We are interested in leading the movement here in Canada.

    2:20 am - September 6, 2017. Reply

    Yes, I’d like to assist in any manor remember you asked me”What do you want me to do assistant or volunteer? I am a Licensed Practical Nurse. United African Movement lifetime member. CEMOTAP=Committee2Eliminate Media Offensive To African People. I advocate for MOVE Mumia Abu Jamal. I have been to events Philly as well as NYC…