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Exclusively for Black Veterans

Exclusively for Black Vets: CALL IN Monday Night Sept 4, 2017

You Served This Country (USA).


Now, Come Share Your Stories, Your Experiences, Your Skills, and Your Fighting Spirit To Better Service  “US” (Black Families, Communities, Causes, and Self-Determination Agendas)

Help Build and Sustain Our Independent Movements,  Institutions,  Villages/Communities, Societies, and Nations.

Learn more about the above, about how you can get involved, and more…..

Telephone Conference Calls:  The MWM / NBEFF

Mon. Sept. 4, 2017 ( Black Vets & Laborers)   9:00 PM

Call In Info:  Call In Number: 605-475-4896     ID Code: 237208

For more information email: [email protected]  or [email protected]  or call 267-636-3802

Our Ancestors  Sacrificed, Fought, Dreamed, Cried and Died for OUR FREEDOM.

Now Its Up To Us To Move Things Forward and Help Assure that The Job Gets Done.

It’s Our Turn  and Time To Get Up, Stand Up, Step Up in Proper and Exact Order & Formation. We Must Honor Our Mothers and Fathers (Ancestors), as It Pertains To The Obtainment of Justice and Reciprocity. We Must, (As Real and Serious Black Men and Black Women) Respect Ourselves, Our Heritage, & Our Cultures; Fearlessly Embrace and Uphold Our Freedom Fighting Legacies.

We Must Bring Forward the Pride, Divine Righteousness, True Glory and Greatness of Our People In Every way Possible.

By Any And All Means Necessary


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