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MWM “20” Reunion – It’s Not About Hype or FanFare and not about other people’s Agendas or their party politics. The Time has come for the Original Woman and Family to set their own course and Divine Manifest Destiny and thus to Resurrect

The original and historic Million Woman March  (MWM) has now evolved into the First Global Movement for Women and Girls of African Descent worldwide.

Join us on October 29th, 2017 as we begin to “Raise Up the Mother of Civilization” and bring forward (Phase 1) of the “A MILLION BLACK WOMEN RISING” Movement and the “WE CHARGE GENOCIDE” 21 Project  (The MWM “We Charge Genocide” 21 Project will begin taking the first batch of the 1,000,000 signatures campaign to the United Nations in 2018. First People’s signee’s will take place at the MWM “20” Reunion”)

The Million Woman March 20 year anniversary commemoration is the official Kick-Off for a Year Long Celebration and the international activation (Inauguration) of the MWM Universal Movements; the first global Movement for ALL women and girls of African Descent throughout the Diaspora
We invite YOU to be a part of History in the making, TODAY, as MWM officiates and enacts its Universal Movements with the “RISE UP” Ye Mighty People: JUSTICE/MAAT NOW Rally & Demo, 
Pan (All/Global) African Peoples UNITY & “Direct Action” Initiations for Real Justice and Irrevocable Freedom for Black/African People in the US, etc.
This 2017 commemoration will bring greater awareness to the “American Nightmare” and the systemic extreme racist/white supremacist foundation and ongoing tactics and operations of African Descendants but it will also focus on“What We Must Now Do” to get this yoke of oppression off our backs, rid of Mental and Spiritual Enslavement and obtain (and secure) that which is rightfully OURS. 
It’s Time For The Focus Being On and Resurrection of 
The Original “Woman” First, 
The Original “People” First, 
The First “Family/Nation” First
The original MWM is a “non governmental”, “non corporation” and “non grant dependent” entity.
Please support this incredible new Movement and the groundbreaking “BlacXPrint” 2020 Agenda by making a donation as a One in A Million supporter or via our account at (use our email address:
Help us Raise Up Our Sisters” and in that secure a greater future for Our Children, Our Families and Our Communities. We must ALL honor Our Ancestors and strive to proceed strategically and responsively and in doing so obtaining greater Self Respect, Practical Unity, and (ethnic) Autonomy for Ourselves in our Life Time.
We must now all do that which is necessary to shift the negative and extremely destructive paradigm and in doing so we shall obtain a Better Quality of Life and the needed ongoing advancements and productive Sustainability for greater Success and Victories.
Support The MWM Universal Movements
A NU Beginning for the Bringing Forward of the NU~Being
Bring your Flags, Your Signs and Banners, Pictures of Ancestors, 
Your Instruments, Your Spirits of Resistance, Unity and LOVE 
Parts of “The Whirlwind” Is Here. Where do you Stand?

Introducing:  The MWM/UM  20 “Sistah Saints” 

The MWM “20” Reunion 
“Raising Up the Mother of Civilization” and “We Charge Genocide”
(Morning Program) 
“The African Ancestral Tribute Procession” and 
“The Black Power, Self-Determination, & 
Holistic Healing Walk”
Philly, PA
This gathering will serve as the Year Long Commemoration, Celebration, and International Universal Movements (USA) Kick Off
SUN. OCTOBER 29th2017 Assembly Time for Procession/March, Motorcade, etc. Begins at 7:00 am
Assemble at City Hall 15th & Market Sts                       (Formation begins at 7:00 a.m.)
Head Over to The “Slave House Memorial”                      (9:00 a.m.– between 5th & 6th Sts)
Then to “Congo Square”                                                (5th & Walnut)
From Congo Sq to The “London Coffee House”                 (Front & Market Sts.)
From the London Coffee House to Columbus Blvd            (Near Dock St & Columbus Blvd)
Dock St. & Columbus Blvd Area                                      (Main Stage: Celebration etc.)

MWM “20” Philly Volunteers Meeting

MWM “20” Philly Volunteers Meeting

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Nile Cafe Ausar/Auset Society

6008 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144

3:00pm to 5:00pm

All Boots on the Ground Volunteers Needed to attend this meeting if you have signed up or want to help with the MWM “20” Reunion activities and events taking place from Oct 23rd through Oct 29th.

Call 267-636-3802 for more information.


black love art | black romantic art | art for women - 2We need our Brothers to Stand with us as ONLY Black men CAN DO.


Phase 1 of Building the First Global Movement for All and Women and Girls of African Descent locally, nationally, and internationally.  We need our Brothers to Stand with us as only Black men can do. The lines are now being drawn in the sand and those who know what time it is know it’s beyond time.
 While many talk about what needs to be done, MWM is Getting The Job Done.  
Watch for MWM “From March To Movements” Special Programs and Activities coming to Black/African Communities throughout Philly beginning the week of October 23, 2017 
Register Today
Become a Support or Active Membership or Sign Up To Volunteer. 
REMEMBER Our MWM “20” REUNION ” Raising Up The Mother of Civilization” Mass Assembly is October 29, 2017.  
Weekly (General) Telephone Conference Call Meetings are Every Sunday and Thursday Night at 9:00 p.m. EDT. All interested in volunteering, becoming a member, want to be a trainer/instructor or get involved in some other way are invited to call in.  ALSO every Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. “Voices of the Brothers”  are heard where time is especially made available for our Men to share their information, reports, views, etc.The Power of A Black Woman - blogged by: @Grace ...
MWM is Now Bringing

“New Directions, New Dimensions, and much Needed New Leadership is Coming to Philly and Nationwide to shift the present stagnating, lack of progressive and gate-keeping maneuvers, and anti Black Family positions and Genocidal programming that has saturated our Communities throughout the US “


Conference call - Audio conference call service in AustraliaTELEPHONE CONFERENCE CALL FOR ALL CONCERNED (Serious) BLACK MEN, NATIONWIDE,  WORLDWIDE, (and Sisters Too)
It’s Check In Time for ALL AFRICAN/BLACK Veterans, Martial Artist, Law Enforcement Personnel, and Self-Defense Trainers/Enthusiast/Advocates who want to support/be involved ion the Million Woman March Universal Movements
(MWM “20” Reunion, The National and Global Campaigns for the Elimination of Violence and Abuser of Women and Girls of African Descent The “We Charge Genocide” 21 Project, National Black Anti Gentrification Network, The Black Self-Determination/Self-Defense Alliance, and more)

Call In Every Wednesday Night @ 9:00 PM EDT

The Call in information is

Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4896  Access Code: 237208

It’s time for “BOOTS ON THE GROUND” and It’s Time To Get Up or Shut 

We Want (and Need) “Our Brothers” To Surround Us Physically and Spiritually on October 29th, 2017

The Failure of Black Men to Protect Black Women - The ...
By Uniting and Raising the Energy Level (and the Bar) of our Sisters, this will Help Shift the Negative Paradigms and Change Many of the Stereotypes and Destructive Mentalities that is Impeding The Proper Nurturing and Development of the Real Power of the Black Woman; for doing this will, undoubtedly, Strengthen Our Families and Communities (And The Enemy Knows that).
We, As A People, Are Destined For Greatness and There Are Many Victories Ahead if We Embrace “Practical Unity” and  Embrace the “MAATIC Epoch” The Time is NOW.
Help “Raise Up The Mother of Civilization” and Get Ready for the “NU Day” and the Declaration of “We Charge Genocide” 21 (21 Demands in the 21st Century to Address Human Rights Violations of Black/African People in the US)

The “BROTHERS IN SUPPORT” (BIS) of the Original Million Woman March NEEDS YOU!

         Black Art Print Of African American Women Windows Pictures to pin on ...    ... Art on Pinterest | African american art, Black art and Religious art  Every Woman Monica Stewart New African American Art Print Poster 40x40 ...
Our Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Wives, Aunties, and other Loved Ones , Associates, and Friends will be coming in for the Million Woman March 20 Year anniversary commemoration of the largest gathering in the world of women anywhere ever and the Salute/Tribute To African Women from Antiquity To Present Day
The MILLION WOMAN MARCH REUNION 20 year anniversary commemoration will begin on October 23-28, 2017 starting off with a week long program of workshops, Town Hall Meetings, training sessions and more.

If You Can’t Come But want to Support Here’s What You Can Do…

1.     Help/Sponsor a Sister in your family, community, organization to attend the Million Woman March “20” Reunion (For many young sisters, this type of interaction is a Life Changing Experience and a Joy for the Elders)
2.     Go to the Website and make a kind donation and/or purchase an official MWM 20 T-shirt for a Sister or a Brothers In Support T-shirt for yourself, or purchase other MWM supported merchandise or business partners.  Go to: MWM Shop
(REMEMBER: National MWM is a “Self-Determination” oriented entity and thus it does not engage in European/Anglo corporate sponsoring or grants.).
3. Help Host an “Information Speak Out” Meeting in your community either before or after the event. (MWM is building a global Movement, so we will be holding sessions that will take us into the year 2020 immediately following the MWM “20” event)
4. Assist/Donate In Kind Service, take out an ad in our publication, or partner with us in some manner.
5. Get a MWM Membership for a Sister and/or for yourself. Support memberships are as low as $1.00 (which you will find at this membership link.  Just look for “One In A Million”-donate from $1.00-$1,000,000 and be 1~I AM)
6.  Help Spread the Word. Hit/post to your social media groups, sent out texts and emails, contact your family members, associates, etc. Help distribute flyers and/or put posters up in your Community.
7. Your Prayers and Best Wishes
For more information contact: or call 267-636-3802

Before We Can Unite Sing Kumbya with Everyone Else We Must Have Unity and Solidarity Amongst Ourselves

Years Ago, Black/African Women Had To Follow Suit We Didn’t Know Any Better and Couldn’t Do Any Better, but that Time & Day is Over


It’s Time For “African” Women and Girls, WORLDWIDE, To Take A Stand and To Come Together.  We Must Now, Build & Sustain Sistahood Together, Realistically Support, Protect and Defend One Another, and Fight for the Holistic & Positive Development of Our Families and Communities.

It’s Time To Focus On US and Take Care Of Our Own People/Villages

The Lines Are Now Being Drawn In The Sand 
It’s Time for the Raising Up of The “MOTHER OF CIVILIZATION”

Straight Up, No Confusion, No Corporate or Political Sell Outs

“Mother of Civilization”

Spend No Money on October 25th 2017 as a “Direct Action” To Begin To Take Control Over Our Dollars and Lives

Those Who Come To Philly, PA for the Official Million Woman March REUNION ( MWM “20” REUNION) on Sunday, October 29, 2017 We Ask That YOU DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY EXCEPT WITH OUR VENDORS/MERCHANTS/EXHIBITORS ON THAT DAY. Spend Only At African/Black Market Place at The Reunion Event  and Those Who We Indicate By Way of the “WE SALUTE & RESPECT” Poster/Signage
Become a MWM Member and/or Volunteer Today
Get a “One In A Million” Support Membership or “A Million Black Women Rising” Membership


Visit to our website at
The Original & Official Million Woman March & MWM Universal Movements
PO Box 53668   Philadelphia, PA  19105

First Annual African Women’s Appreciation Day (Oct 25th, 2017)

First Annual African Women’s Solidarity & Appreciation Day

Women of African Descent Worldwide, Globally, Internationally.

This is OUR DAY to something for Ourselves.

As announced at the United Nations in March 2016…now

A Worldwide Gathering to Unify African Women throughout the Diaspora and to Implement the Global Strike to Bring Attention and (DIRECT ACTIONS) for the Fight Against ALL Forms of Violence and Abuses of Females of African Descent regardless to nationality, social status, age and religion throughout the Diaspora and for the further Building of the Global Africana Women’s Sistahood and the Independent Pan African Women’s Federation Wed. October 25th 2017

A Day for Women and Girls of African Descent to Build, Bond, Blossom, & Bloom A Time To Embrace the Value of Oneself, The Greatness of Our Ancestors, To Appreciate One Another, and To Be Spiritually Renewed. A Day of Recommitment, Resurrection Rejuvenation, and Restoration


Standing Together, Globally, To Take “Direct Action” To End ALL Forms Of Gender Related Violence and Abuse

Some of the Suggested Activities for the African Women’s Appreciation Day

  • Salute/Tribute to Black/African Women
  • Quilt Projects
  • Prison Pen Pal Project
  • Arts and Crafts Projects
  • Poetry Readings/Slams/Spoken Word
  • Art/Photo Exhibit
  • Book Discussions
  • Forums, Symposiums, Seminars
  • Black/African Women’s Film Fest African Women’s Business Expo’s & Marketplace
  • A Pamper/Spa Day- Take Care of U
  • Visit/Do Something at a Women’s Shelter
  • Coordinate a Special Program at a Women’s Correctional
  • Visit with Black/African Women Elders
  • Black/African Women’s Arts and Culture Showcases
  • Host a Girls Sleep Over Black Girl REAL Talk Sessions Strategy Sessions for (Plans of) ACTION

The Union of A Million (Plus) African Women will soon be working together, worldwide, to help bring forward at least three (3) major Summits by the year 2020

The International “African Women’s World Leadership & Power” Summits

Featuring: Self-Determination & Human/Natural Rights Programs & Concerts

“Building Real African Woman Sisterhood, Honoring of Ancestors, and Uplifting/Empowering and Obtaining Justice for Our People”

For more information contact: The National Offices of MWM
Email: or

or call: 267-636-3802


Be a Volunteer/Coordinator:

Become a Support Member:

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