Brothers in Support (BIS)

“Brothers in Support” (BIS)


Message To Our Brothers

From The Office Of The Founder

Greetings To You:
On October 29th, 2017, the original Million Woman March (MWM) will hold its 20 year anniversary observance, commemorating 0n going, nonstop, undiluted and focused resistance to oppression, racism, and modern day enslavement and with that honoring our great ancestors while paying tribute to the greatness and glory of African women from Antiquity to present day.
The MWM “20” Reunion will now bring forward new dimensions, directions, and a Black/African culturally infused dynamic synergy that will be amply applied to a well formulated national agenda that will also assist in the international establishment of the first global Movement for ALL women and girls of African descent. The National MWM will now commence with the “Raising Up The Mother of Civilization” and the ushering in of the Maatic Epoch.
The MWM Universal Movements (MWM/UM) empower and uplift Africana females, worldwide, as well as positively connects, inspire, and productively impacts millions of families and communities throughout the African Diaspora.
At this point in time, the MWM /UM Sistahood is being strategically developed and positioned to assist in the necessary mission and work for the obtainment of real freedom and justice for the Original People.
As we proceed with the divine vision and mission that was demonstrated by the 1997 Million Woman March, it is of great moral importance and is indeed politically essential that serious, Self-Determined, and solution oriented Black women take their rightful places along side of our Brothers, to fight not just for Eurocentric defined equality and civil rights but to obtain, fully, and secure irrevocable Human Rights and applicable Natural Laws..
The question now is, Who will take this Giant Leap and Unbending Stand, like never seen before, for irreversible Victory?   As the United Sisters of Africa brings forward a “NU Day”, the MWM “Brothers In Support” (BIS) Cadre is answering the call and as such exemplifying the true dignity, honor, and courage of Original Black Man; the great  protector and defender of his Woman, Children, Family, Community, and Nation and all things relevant to the righteous advancement as such.
We invite you to join us…

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