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MWM “20” Reunion – It’s Not About Hype or FanFare and not about other people’s Agendas or their party politics. The Time has come for the Original Woman and Family to set their own course and Divine Manifest Destiny and thus to Resurrect

The original and historic Million Woman March  (MWM) has now evolved into the First Global Movement for Women and Girls of African Descent worldwide.

Join us on October 29th, 2017 as we begin to “Raise Up the Mother of Civilization” and bring forward (Phase 1) of the “A MILLION BLACK WOMEN RISING” Movement and the “WE CHARGE GENOCIDE” 21 Project  (The MWM “We Charge Genocide” 21 Project will begin taking the first batch of the 1,000,000 signatures campaign to the United Nations in 2018. First People’s signee’s will take place at the MWM “20” Reunion”)

The Million Woman March 20 year anniversary commemoration is the official Kick-Off for a Year Long Celebration and the international activation (Inauguration) of the MWM Universal Movements; the first global Movement for ALL women and girls of African Descent throughout the Diaspora
We invite YOU to be a part of History in the making, TODAY, as MWM officiates and enacts its Universal Movements with the “RISE UP” Ye Mighty People: JUSTICE/MAAT NOW Rally & Demo, 
Pan (All/Global) African Peoples UNITY & “Direct Action” Initiations for Real Justice and Irrevocable Freedom for Black/African People in the US, etc.
This 2017 commemoration will bring greater awareness to the “American Nightmare” and the systemic extreme racist/white supremacist foundation and ongoing tactics and operations of African Descendants but it will also focus on“What We Must Now Do” to get this yoke of oppression off our backs, rid of Mental and Spiritual Enslavement and obtain (and secure) that which is rightfully OURS. 
It’s Time For The Focus Being On and Resurrection of 
The Original “Woman” First, 
The Original “People” First, 
The First “Family/Nation” First
The original MWM is a “non governmental”, “non corporation” and “non grant dependent” entity.
Please support this incredible new Movement and the groundbreaking “BlacXPrint” 2020 Agenda by making a donation as a One in A Million supporter or via our account at (use our email address:
Help us Raise Up Our Sisters” and in that secure a greater future for Our Children, Our Families and Our Communities. We must ALL honor Our Ancestors and strive to proceed strategically and responsively and in doing so obtaining greater Self Respect, Practical Unity, and (ethnic) Autonomy for Ourselves in our Life Time.
We must now all do that which is necessary to shift the negative and extremely destructive paradigm and in doing so we shall obtain a Better Quality of Life and the needed ongoing advancements and productive Sustainability for greater Success and Victories.
Support The MWM Universal Movements
A NU Beginning for the Bringing Forward of the NU~Being
Bring your Flags, Your Signs and Banners, Pictures of Ancestors, 
Your Instruments, Your Spirits of Resistance, Unity and LOVE 
Parts of “The Whirlwind” Is Here. Where do you Stand?

Introducing:  The MWM/UM  20 “Sistah Saints” 

The MWM “20” Reunion 
“Raising Up the Mother of Civilization” and “We Charge Genocide”
(Morning Program) 
“The African Ancestral Tribute Procession” and 
“The Black Power, Self-Determination, & 
Holistic Healing Walk”
Philly, PA
This gathering will serve as the Year Long Commemoration, Celebration, and International Universal Movements (USA) Kick Off
SUN. OCTOBER 29th2017 Assembly Time for Procession/March, Motorcade, etc. Begins at 7:00 am
Assemble at City Hall 15th & Market Sts                       (Formation begins at 7:00 a.m.)
Head Over to The “Slave House Memorial”                      (9:00 a.m.– between 5th & 6th Sts)
Then to “Congo Square”                                                (5th & Walnut)
From Congo Sq to The “London Coffee House”                 (Front & Market Sts.)
From the London Coffee House to Columbus Blvd            (Near Dock St & Columbus Blvd)
Dock St. & Columbus Blvd Area                                      (Main Stage: Celebration etc.)

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