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Urgent: CALL FOR ACTION -FRAUD and SABOTAGE ALERT- Help Us Stop White Female Privilege Manipulation Tactics

The Original Million Woman March (MWM)
Is Readied and Well Prepared For Battle Against, Racism, Exploitation, Socio-Political Terrorism Oppression, Manipulation, Misrepresentation and All Forms of Natural and Human Rights VIOLATIONS

First Up: (Off) White “Female” Privilege:
Mentalities, Attributes, Aspirations, Modalities, Manipulations, Concoctions, Spells, Hidden Agendas, Snake Charming, Hoodwinking,etc. (Introducing: Phase 1 of MWM “The White (Knock) Out MWM)

While it certainly appears, (on one level), that white supremacist maneuvers are being placed firmly in position , nationwide, on the other hand, we feel safe in saying that in another realm of these ongoing systemic operations, some of the destructive wheels and related activities are moving closer to their demise.  While blatant and desperate behavior is becoming more and more evident. What is also evident is some of the demise of its tentacles and its ultimate dismantlement.

A Great Example of this is Right in Our Midst:
An event that was attempted to called the, would you believe, Million Women March (that was suppose to be about a demonstration about Trump being elected) headed up by “white females”, is being planned to take place in Washington, DC on January 21, 2016. Needless to say, because Black women have, during the past years, been easily and routinely lead by other women and their groups philosophies, politics, and so forth, they just knew that this slick trick was was no brainer.
However, to their Surprise, our multi level response to this was swift, power filled, and therefore quite effective; with their organizers now being faced with public humiliation, law suits, and both internal and of course external pressures demanding that they “Change The Name” of their event NOW !

To Our Sisters (and Brothers), Thank You So Much for the Text Messages, Phone Calls, and Emails giving Your Love and Support. BUT IT’s NOT OVER YET.  So while we have been told that the name of the event has been changed, We Have Not Received An Official Statement or Message from Their Conveners.

So Here’s the Next Step

Greetings National MWM Family and Allies:

This is a VERY Important and a Special CALL TO ACTION !!!
We Need Your Support, NOW, to help light FACE BOOK Up, Show some Real Umoja/Unity, and send a serious message (and spiritual ancestral Freedom Fighting vibrations) to the exploitative and manipulative predominantly white females (and their allies)who are attempting to not only whitewash and create identity confusion (identity theft), but to also play on people’s minds with deceptive word games that attempts to disregard our historical significance and socio-political contributions. This seemingly innocent blunder was not only an intellectual fraudulent act it was a disrespectful slap in the face; that was weak and so out of order that once it got flipped it produced some counter actions sooner than anticipated.

And Now, What Time Is It? Time for the “Maatic Epoch”; Time for Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Reciprocity, Harmony, & Righteousness,
Help us to show the force and Power of Our Women and Our People You can begin to assist by letting these violators know that the jig (and gig) is up. Let everyone know you can connect with know that the Jan 21, 2016 thing in DC, while it is marketed as a rally against Trump, it is a trumped up card designed to sabotage and exploit the original and historic Million Woman March .

NOTE: Our Sisters no longer need to follow a program and plan that is Eurocentric oriented, anti Black Family, and that is fundamentally spiritually distorted and depraved. Now is the time for a clear and no nonsense message to be echoed, nationwide; that will be heard, worldwide. A collective voice and message that says that they (the female and operatives of white supremacy tactics and their cohorts) can, in no uncertain terms, play their games, get away with running their hidden agendas on us, or pulling the blinders over the eyes of our Sisters (Black/melaninated women) any longer.
With the “A Million Black Women (Plus) Rising” Cadre & Collective , its “Raising Up the Mother of Civilization” program and the continuing of the great work of our ancestors who represented the true Spirit of Resistance, we will now take our Rightful Places, “from the grassroots through the glass ceiling” and take control over our own lives and destiny; empowering our women and girls, strengthening and rebuilding our families and communities, and bringing forward new independent Nations while supporting already existing ones.

WE REITERATE: White females are trying to high jack our history and legacy, using the hype over Trump as a card, but we ain’t having none of it. PASS THE WORD: “A Million (and more) Black Women Rising” is now underway and the “Raising Up The Mother of Civilization” the Official 20 year anniversary celebration and long awaited REUNION is of the original Million Woman March (MWM “20”) is coming in October 2017 bringing forward the first global Movement for ALL women and girls of African descent , worldwide.

TO VOLUNTEER, BECOME A MEMBER or for more information email: or

AND TONIGHT: Tune into “NU Day Resurrection and Liberation” on Sat. November 12, 2016 (and every Saturday night) at 10:30 PM EST online at

Remember: We, the original Million Woman March, (and the Original Woman) will stand up to fight any and all white supremacist tactics and that includes the “privilege white female” operatives and their agendas by any and ALL means necessary. Our Declaration of Independence from the slave mentalities, is about to be.

We Are Calling for the REAL “BLACK/AFRICAN WOMAN TO STAND UP”, be positively accounted and more solution oriented accountable; thus becoming a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Help the MWM Universal Movement to now demonstrate and Deal with the Truth Accordingly that Our Issues and Realities are not the same as ALL other women, and that the time has come for the Maatic Epoch and Self-Determination to be major instruments in our work, thus ridding ourselves of other people’s control, manipulation, and domination.

The Revolution may not be televised but some of the Battles (and the Victories) will be seen LIVE and in Living Color…. EPC

Share and Speak Truth To Power, Pass This Info On…


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6 reviews
  • Alison Ruffino
    1:37 pm - January 19, 2017. Reply

    I am saddened by this post. 20 years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the first Million Woman March; following the success Million Man March. Having been raised in both New Orleans and Baltimore, I saw it as a duty to encourage all woman, but especially my darker-than-I-skinned friends, to participate and be part of a legacy of change. Although my skin is pale, I am a woman. I am a woman who wants to stand with all my friends and family, regardless of their skin color, to join in a day of UNITY and EMPOWERMENT. I want to rid our society of ridiculous stereotypes, and I wanted my 3-year old daughter to be able to experience the harmony and love I was able to experience 20 years ago, and every year since. How can this be seen as sabotage? Uniting with other woman, sharing our fears, frustrations, and working toward a common good. Africa is the cradle of all civilization; we are all African…we are all human. I wish nothing but to share love and fellowship with other human woman, and to show my daughter what can happen when a group of people come together for a valid purpose and cause. If my love is seen as sabotage, then so be it. I won’t stop loving and hoping we can all move past the impediments put in our way. Help each other overcome, as women, Mother’s, friends…

    As a pale skinned single mother, with an equally pale skinned daughter, should we be prohibited from showing our support?

    • Rajean
      6:52 am - May 17, 2017. Reply

      The original MWM was designed for all women to come together as a unity of women to stand together and be sisters to support our men as husband’s, fathers and fathers. The woman who had a dream and shared it with a member of Minster Farrakhan. (James Bevels) who was a member of Dr. King’s Civil Rights Movement and shared platform with Dr. Babs Phillips the last personal assistant to Dr. King decided to ask Minister Farrakhan. To lead the men first since he was already organizing men for workshops in each city to become more respectful to some mm. Minister said yes. The original founder, Dr. Babs Phillips was recovering from Heart surgery which caused her not to be at the March. The Women followed Two years later because she was recovering. I was a member of Dr. Phillips “Think Tank and met with her weekly to organize the Million Woman Match.
      We was set up to have the March in New York at The Status of Liberty. It was agreed to move it to Philadelphia because Two females took a flyer to the group on Philadelphia who decided to have search there. So, to keep down confusion, Dr. Phillips and her group met with Philadelphia group to work together as One March. That is why it as so successful. Let us see if the 2017 anniversary be as 1997 without the help of AFRIKSN AMERIKAN WOMEN FEDERATION support and their 135 chapters around the world support to get the message out.?

  • Katina Parker
    10:54 pm - February 24, 2017. Reply

    Greetings. My name is Katina Parker. I am the photographer who took the image of the Muslim woman holding up the Million woman March bumper stickers that you’ve used in your slideshow and this post. Please contact me about your use of my image.

  • Katina Parker
    1:13 pm - February 25, 2017. Reply

    Greetings. Thank you for the fast reply. I appreciate that.
    The image is not in the public domain. It is copywritten by me and was featured as a part of a traveling exhibit that must have released the image as a part of press promotions or this image came from an audio slideshow PBS did on my civil rights photography. I have documented all 8 of the marches, mostly on film and have been very careful about publishing images on-line because I don’t want them pirated and turned into memes. In 20 years, they have appeared on-line 3 times – the 2 aforementioned and Ebony magazine ran a slide show a few years ago.
    Your understanding of U.S. copyright law is incorrect. The MWM was a newsworthy event and I am a journalist as well as a documentary filmmaker/phototrapher (Google me). Consent and copyright laws were different before the age of smart phones. Technically, I am able to use the image even if you don’t consent to me doing so, whether it features your likeness or the name of your organization.
    That said, I believe in consent, provided all parties are being reasonable.
    I reached out to you to advise that you are using a copywritten image without permission or proper photo credit attribution. It is not in the public domain, i.e., “homeless.”
    If you would like to use the image, please ask. I’ll review your website and if your content is consistent with my personal mission to #decolonize and reunite Black people, I’ll grant permission, provided you agree to give photo credit for each individual use.
    Either way, I am glad the image made it back to your group so that you know it exists.
    Katina Parker